Christoph Burgdorf

    I'm a software engineer working on Ethereum. My current language of choice
    is Python but my heart is with Rust.

    I am fascinated by all aspects of the decentralization movement, both on a
    technical and social level.

    My main work is currently on Trinity, an Ethereum node for Ethereum 1 and 2
    written in Python.

    My daughter is proud that an official Ethereum project is named after her.

    Noticeable past work:

    * Co-founder of and trainer at thoughtram
    * Co-founder of CouchCommerce (Acquired by NewStore from Stefan Schambach)
    * Author of, one of the early popular web server frameworks in Rust
    * Member of the Docs team for Google's Angular framework

    You'll find me on:

    christoph.burgdorf.eth resolves via ENS to the content hosted on IPFS.